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The East Rand Is On Fire!

A local East Rand dance group going by the name of Eastrand Entertainers is currently making their presence known everywhere they go!

With a variety of different styles, Eastrand Entertainers is definitely a group to watch out for this year. Dabbling in Amapiano, House, Sbunjwa, and Afro Tech, it remarkable how they manage to infuse so many musical styles into one performance. Besides dancing, they also released their own official Amapiano songs! Multiple people around The East Rand has dubbed them as “The MC’s of Amapiano.

The name Eastrand Entertainers followed after the group realized that they’re the only artists from the East Side of Johannesburg doing what they’re doing. “…there wasn’t any other groups or single person who can represent the type of talent we have and the way our craft shaped the industry…” When they’re on stage you can’t help but stare in amazement.  They make it their goal to give it their best. Every single performance they go all out, leaving the audience with memories of a remarkable show. They want to make sure that they’re the reason people want to come back!

Before forming the group, the couple of talented individuals first started a Dance Academy. The academy was used to create an opportunity for any person who has what it takes to be a professional dancer.  Once the academy was on a steady pace forward, they selected the five best dancers and finally formed the group, Eastrand Entertainers. The group would act as ambassadors to the industry, hoping to encourage more people to follow their dreams.

Currently, the five members are Tumelo “Tumza Majaivane“, Siphesihle “Pontso“, Siyabonga “Shezi Majaivane“,   Sifiso “Sdora Mfana Wa Sjebha“, and lastly Shaun. During the interview with the group, we learned that each member has a unique role they play.

Tumelo is the shortest out of all, and also the group leader. He is always in middle and he does not have a pair partner to dance with. ” He is so special! Every time when we’re on stage performing, he charms the audience with his vibrant personality.

Siphesihle is without a doubt the creative one. He plans and creates mostly all of the group’s new routines. What makes his routines so popular is the fact that he’s the ideal out-of-the-box thinker.

Siyabonga the hard worker! In the beginning, he could only dance Sbunjwa, yet in a very short time, he managed to learn various other dance styles. When Siyabonga is on stage he is also the one to keep the others motivated and to encourage them to push through even when they become tired.

Sifiso is the one who always puts the other dancers before himself. He will practice with them and help push them to the next level. He also acts as the peacekeeper of the group. “Whenever we have tension or disagreement, Sifiso will negotiate peace and try to find a solution for the current problem.

Last but not least is Shaun.  A remarkable performer who is rather shy. It’s rare for him to give advice or feedback, but when he’s on stage he becomes the biggest extrovert! Shaun shines the brightest when it comes to the group’s musical side as he writes most of the lyrics.

Just as any person in the entertainment industry, so did the Eastrand Entertainers suffer during COVID. However, what you can admire from them is the never-give-up attitude. Being unable to perform, the group focused their attention on songwriting. They worked on their future EP, and also started planning music videos.

One thing I also learned during the interview is the desperate need they have for management. The group is currently managing themselves but it’s taking a toll on them. It’s hard working on new routines, new songs, and trying to book your own shows at the same time. Having a manager will give them time to push the other big goal they have, which is to open a professional studio in Ekurhuleni.

However, even with normal challenges, the group’s future is certainly as bright as ever. With already two big accomplishments behind them we can’t wait to see what’s next. The first accomplishment was performing at the  Kaya Legacy Run/Walk Event hosted by Kaya Fm.  The event had renowned artists like With the likes of DJ Fresh, Proverb, and Skhumba the Comedian there as well.

The second big achievement for the group was performing at Ekurhuleni Hawaii Summer Splash. Here they shared the stage with Lady Zamar, Nathi , Rhingo Madlingozi, Naakmusiq and Mlindos the Vocalist.

Besides those two big opportunities they had, the Eastrand Entertainers also performed at The GOG Festival in Soweto, and the Beach Party Picnic hosted by Bahamas Grill and Pub.

The group also performed in a recent music video on MTV Base!

To book them you can simply contact 062 622 3540 or 076 659 2176. Additionally, you can get in touch with the through Facebook: Eastrand Entertainers



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