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Painting to Perfection!

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Every artist was first an amateur”, but he never said how long an artist stays an amateur.

Take Melindi Jacobs as an example, a 20-year-old aspiring artist from Randfontein whose passion and talent for art is busy increasing piece by piece.  Alongside art, Melindi also connects with people through teaching. Melindi decided to combine the two as she is currently working part-time at an art school “Cum Laude Art School”.   However, as an aspiring artist, she already has one of her artworks in an art gallery, which according to her, is one of her greatest achievements.

What I personally admire is the fact that this young and local artist is mostly self-taught.  Melindi learned the basics such as drawing, painting, and sculpting from a visual arts class in school. From there on, she started experimenting with different techniques and mediums which schools fail to teach future artists.

As an artist, Melindi doesn’t really have a specific or constant style. She creates as she feels.

” I love trying new things and experimenting with new techniques. To me, I feel why have just one style when you can grow in various styles.”

She believes everyone has their own taste, thus, she wants to create different pieces of art that can fit different people’s tastes. Her art can include styles such as realism, expressionism, contemporary, abstract, and many more. Melindi has also recently begun experimenting with digital art and murals.

” I love creating pen and charcoal drawings and using mixed media for my paintings such as acrylic paints, oil paints, oil pastels, charcoal, markers, gold leaf, highlighters, and ink. ”

Melindi draws inspiration from everything around her, whether it’s a certain color she finds in nature, a life experience she recently had, or even something someone says. The smallest things can ignite her creativity. Mainly she paints and draws portraits but one thing she loves is capturing expressions and a person’s true feelings. Her goal is to get more of her art into galleries for people to view and draw inspiration from.

” I wish to not only sell my art to those around me but to one day have the opportunity to sell some pieces to people from other countries as well. When my name has grown in the art world, I would love to start selling my art, prints of my art, and much more merchandise containing my art all around the world. “

You can view Melindi’s art on Facebook or on Instagram. She also does commission work in her spare time. To purchase a certain piece, or to hire her for commission work, please feel free to contact her directly via social media. Additionally, as mentioned, Melindi has a marvelous gift for painting murals!

A recent mural painted by Melindi

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Written by the founder and editor of Blue Monkey Magazine.

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