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It’s remarkable what a person can achieve with the right amount of ambition. Take Christy Duvenage, a 20-year-old entrepreneur, with a passion for beauty who started her own business while she was still in school. What started out as a simple hobby, soon transitioned into a full-time career. With a burning desire and a focused mindset, Christy saw an opportunity and seized it, thus Depraght Beauty was started. Depraght Beauty is a salon that specializes in beauty, cosmetics and personal care. Depraght Beauty takes beauty to a whole new level.

“Being a beauty specialist means more than just the service that gets delivered. Being g a beauty specialist means that you hear real stories of the people that enter your salon, happy and sad. It’s so much fun to be a part of a bride’s special day, doing something special for a birthday or event, or even helping someone relax after a stressful time. Beauty specialists are friends, therapists, and a support system.”

What separates Depraght Beauty from other competitors is the fact that they’re the only salon in the West Rand that specializes in Liposlimming. A weight loss remedy that uses medically approved laser and heat therapy. Liposculpting/Liposlimming is a high-quality range of slimming specific products that have been scientifically formulated. Using a combination of active ingredients to combat weight, cellulite, and water retention and support spot fat reduction.

Over the years Christy has formed special friendships with each of her clients. It takes guts to stand bare in front of someone for a spray tan or sharing your weight with someone even if they are a specialist in the said area. For most people, they can only relax and be vulnerable in front of someone they trust and have created a friendship with.

Currently, with a growing client base, Depraght Beauty is expanding. With a possible hair removing laser being added in the near future, clients can soon schedule permanent hair removal sessions. A laser hair removal that’s gentle on the skin and causes no discomfort. Additionally, more skin treatments will be implemented. The tanning section in the salon will also expand as Christy will be adding a tan can, for when a client wants a quick tan for perhaps an upcoming holiday or event. Clients will, however, have the option to choose between Tan Can and Spray Tan.

Depraght will also be introducing massages within the near future. Studies have shown that massages are effective in treating a wide range of symptoms related to a variety of conditions. Massages reduce muscle tension, improves blood circulation and skin tones. Massages also reduce anxiety, depression, and stress hormones.

Depraght Beauty specializes in the following services: Nails, facials, Lipo slimming, spray tanning, waxing and so much more.

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Riaan AG Beeslaar

Written by the founder and editor of Blue Monkey Magazine.

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