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Biggy Drops New Album!

Biggy is back with his second studio album. The album consists of 16 songs and if you ask him about the genre he explains that you cannot pick just one genre as this album is for everyone. There are party songs, proper rap songs, songs that give you a feel-good vibe and then you can also expect something deep. Biggy wanted to make something for everyone on the album and he feels it is something that all his fans will enjoy.

This album is called “Jong Grotes” a nickname someone gave Biggy one day and it just sticked. If his stage name was not Biggy it would probably be “Jong Grotes”

For Biggy it is hard to pick a favorite song on the album, because all the songs are special to him and was written in different time, moments and feelings in his life, but if he really needs to choose one he would say Celebrate.

Two songs you can most definitely look forward to on the album would most be Funky ft Jack Parow & Loufi and then the surprise collab Mawe ft Stilo Magolide.

List of songs on the album:

  1. Into
  2. Jong Grotes
  3. Peanut Butter (ft Early B)
  4. Lewe Soos ‘n Laanie (ft GBoy)
  5. Boet En Saartjie
  6. Haat Jou (ft Loufi)
  7. Bietjie Lit Bietjie Faded
  8. Bly (ft Bouwer Bosch)
  9. Playa (ft YoungstaCPT)
  10. Bad Luck
  11. Celebrate
  12. Mawe (ft Stilo Magolide)
  13. I’m A Boet (ft Loufi)
  14. Rich Boy
  15. Moenie Bang Wees Nie (ft Jaco)
  16. Funky (ft Jack Parow & Loufi)

Listen to Album here – https://Biggy.lnk.to/JongGrotes


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